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    Personnel policy

    personnel policy:

    It provides a platform for talents who love auto manufacturing and national defense to provide their talents. It strives to build management, R&D ,manufacturing and sales teams to provide talent protection for the company within five years of becoming a listed company.

    social benefits:
    1、The company pays “five insurances and one fund” according to relevant state policies. 2、In addition to the related national holiday law provisions, the employees may also enjoy corresponding paid vacations in accordance with corporate policies. 3、There are free internal and expatriate trainings such as new employee induction training, professional knowledge training, personal quality improvement training, and abundant internal competitions and promotion opportunities. 4、Other benefits as stipulated in the company policy (free medical examination, year-end double pay, free breakfast and lunch, labor insurance products, allowances for calls (necessary jobs), high and low temperature allowances , free shuttles , Free employee dormitory etc. Please wait for other benefits.)

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